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balance in the Galaxy.

Your art. Your terms.

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We have the Process, now all that’s needed - a powerful Creativity Source to power it up.
Protect your work
Kelp creates legally valid digital copyright & equipment ownership statements. We deliver the proof: your work is yours.
Stay in charge when sharing
When publishing or sharing your photos online, choose: who can access them, for how long, and under which terms.
Be a part of the change
A decentralized market for creative content: fair for creators, transparent and secure for everyone. Get onboard.
For photographers

Kelp tech for the Galaxy

Kelp Application
A decentralized content management tool for the creative market to validate, share, and license digital media assets.
Anagolay Network
A process-based P2P framework built for storing, verifying and transferring Intelectual Property rights.
A missing layer for IPFS with built-in API authentication, on-the-fly image processing, secure file storage & more.
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Contribute to the community in multiple ways to unlock artefacts, earn IDI, and co-create your unique avatar
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Content creation
Your avatar evolves as you progress!
And acquire amazing equipment never seen -nor created- before
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