Your art,
Your terms

It's time to regain control of the photos & videos you publish and share online 

Why use KELP?

Today’s unfortunate reality is that owning copyright does’t equal “being able to prove it” or restrict others from using your work without permission.

Protect your work

KELP creates legally valid digital copyright & equipment ownership statements. We deliver proof: your work is yours.

Stay in charge when sharing

When publishing or sharing your photos online choose: who can access them, for how long, and under which terms.

On the fly image resizing

With real-time image processing and image CDN we create the right rendition in a blink of an eye.

Be a part of the change

We work to make the market of creative content fair, transparent and secure. Join & help us get there fater!

How does it work?

Sync your photos with

Wherever you are, upload your photos & videos with blazing speed to our cloud. Fully encrypted and ​​​​​​​available only to you.

Verify your camera & lens

Use our workflow to verify the ownership of your camera & lens 

Get your digital copyright

Once the equipment is successfully verified you can claim the copyright of your photos. Sign the statements with your private key and they will be safely stored by Anagolay Network

Set your own terms

Select a license, max size you want your photo to be available at. You can also restrict or exclusively allow the access from selected websites 

Share simple & secure

Publish or share your photos with a Unified link that could be embedded and shared on any platform. Enjoy on-the-fly image resizing.

Development roadmap

See our journey so far and learn what else are we planning for Kelp, both in the upcoming year and long-term.

2019 Q3

Proof of concept ready

2020 Q2

Test Network launched

2020 Q3

Equipment verif. module

2020 Q4

Lightroom plug-in ready

2021 Q1

Copyright statements

2021 Q2

Kelp web app (Alpha)

2021 Q4

Kelp MVP feature complete

2022 Q4

Network production-ready

2023 Q2

Kelp Marketplace launch

2021 Q1

KELP prototype

2021 Q1

KELP prototype

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