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We build the essential infrastructure for the emerging ownership economy to work.

From layer 0 to end-user applications enabling the practical and scalable rights management for the web3
share artwork and montetizing

Kelp.Digital is a decentralized content management tool for the creative market to validate, share, and license digital media assets. Content creators can issue legally binding digital copyright statements before sharing their works online, making sure copyrights are easy to check and prove.

While initially focused on visual content such as photos & videos, Kelp can be scaled to support streaming, gaming, and the challenging case of the music industry.

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Proof generation

Anagolay is a process-based interplanetary P2P framework built for storing, verifying, and transferring Intellectual Property rights like digital Copyrights and Ownerships. The power of Anagolay lies in the Workflows - blockchain agnostic processes built for off-chain use.

Anagolay Framework enables the key functionality of Kelp.Digital hybrid decentralized application.

Anagolay Network
Idiyanale playground

The Pioneer mainnet for Anagolay Framework and the playground for developers, where they can try and test both new and existing features of the Anagolay framework in an unrefined, unpredictable, but realistic on-chain environment.

Idiyanale will pass all the relevant data & value to the Anagolay genesis block at the Network Succession event.

Idiyanale Network
Eye scanning picture

Macula is a missing layer for IPFS with built-in features like API authentication, on-the-fly image processing, secure file storage, and hosting for modern SPA or statically built websites.

Macula App enables users to encrypt and decrypt files using the Substrate-based accounts and store them on IPFS.

Macula Repository
fingerprint with lock and verified shield

Sign your work remotely using your phone. Git commits can be signed using a PGP key stored on your phone and unlocked with biometric sensors.

Copyright and Ownership Statements on Anagolay can also be signed with Kelp’s Remote Signer.


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