Your photos,
on your terms

Manage, protect, share, license, and sell your content with one tool, simple & secure.

Provable copyright and ownership statements (photos and gear)
Licensing and selling creative work peer-to-peer
Simple and secure sharing and photo management

How it works

Make copyrights easy to check and prove. We create traceable statements for the original image and all its modifications. We also keep track of all the associated licenses and copyright transfers.

cloud with verified shields
Sync your photos with KELP

Wherever you are, upload your photos & videos with blazing speed to our cloud. Fully encrypted and available only to you.

camara with lens
Verify your camera & lens

Use our workflow to verify the ownership of your camera & lens.

copyright statement
Get your digital copyright statement

Once the equipment is successfully verified, you can claim the copyright of your photos. Sign the statements with your private key and they will be safely stored by Anagolay Network.

photography icon with a lock
Set your own terms

Select a license, max size you want your photo to be available at. You can also restrict or exclusively allow the access from selected websites.

share and security icons
Share simple & secure

Publish or share your photos with a Unified link that could be embedded and shared on any platform. Enjoy on-the-fly image resizing.

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Soon available for all visual content creators


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